Two essentials

Negativity and positivity. Let both of them enter you and play their part. Negativity will wring you so that positivity can find you ready to absorb every ounce of it

A strong ‘May be’

And may be that is the hardest truth and fully known to everyone yet veiled and curtained properly just to miss it and chase everything else


Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Paulo Coelho

Wondering but seeking

I wonder how the positivity seeps in. Through nostrils, mouth or skinI have kept all conscious of its touchIn the train of negatives, like notchThe positivity appears in the graph Tickling a little and a bit of laughTransitions back to other sideEmotions amused by the rideDwelling in search of that stringI keep waiting for positive…

Picture is changing

Picture credits go to the friend of mine who is not a member of wordpress Nature has been a source of happiness and inspiration for all of us. Calm and soothing capabilities have sidelined the technology yet humans run after the latter. Perhaps a day will come when everything will be a technology driven, which…

Some evenings

Though I have failed to understand the core purpose of life but evenings of such texture have given me survival hopes and being always an overwhelmed one, I am forwarding my desires and intentions to the creator of such a beauty. This might lead me to the clue and since I have always been an…

Draw the line🚷

Setting up a boundary around oneself is what most of us never pay attention to. A pride that we carry inside tells us we don’t need the boundary as we are free and people around are beautiful inside out, they won’t hurt us anyhow. Our illusion comes under threat once someone enters our comfort zone…

Keep going

I want to keep going and conquer the consequences, own the life and rise above the fears and doubts 🌺. The dots of my life should ultimately present a cherishing connection, a worthy to follow path.

A hostel outing

It was 5 Nov 2017 and we left the hostel early morning. The examination centre was in  Amritsar and exam was going to begin at 10 am. All four of us left early at 5.30 am from our hostel which was located on highway in Jalandhar. Since we had never been to Amritsar before, the…

Daughter do not share it💔

Mother: My daughter, Have I brought you up for this day? Do you not realise this will ruin our reputation in society.Daughter: But Mother I am compatible with this guy and the understanding we share is worth it. I will marry only him, none other.Mother: Marriages of such sort do not last longer. He will…