Pat on you

This is to you who is distressed and are looking for a hope, please take this sign of the hope you are in search of. Yes, that little spot in your soul has a hope on it, believe it. I assure you this little faith is savior and has purpose for it’s being in you. Do…

A pic a day ²⁴

To somewhere, we belong and the bridge is to be found to that place, lest shall we wander as if we have been sent to be lost only and never be found. It is those places calling us and brewing with aroma, that you feel the urge to be somewhere unknown but peaceful

Fears and insecurities

Every fear of your’s will be visited and every insecurity of your’s will come into play some day of your life and these happenings will continue paying visits to you untill you decide to conquer them and move with will and courage to victory while trampling everything that hinders you

A pic a day ¹⁰

Lights in the picture is the demonstration of the hopes in our dark period. Like the rays through the crevices enter the room, these lights establish the idea that some where light is going to enter us.. keeping us to look forward to meet those spots where we will meet the rays of light. In…

A word to wise

For i am not the experienced one but I assume we can make a change in whatever we want to change by only intending strongly. Post that, the formalities necessary will be the outcome of the will. So intend better to make a better world around. We have the power to absorb the radiance of…