The soceity has changed they sayGirl and boy are not different nowShort dresses are in focus yetBaby girl is still a bad news Words weigh enough now,howeverIdeology is stil the ancient

Rumi said

Forget safety Live where you fear to live Destroy the reputation Be notorious Rumi

Few picks from Paulo Coelho’s

I have been reading Paulo Coelho for some time and I find in his books the wisdom and philosophy that perhaps makes one to comprehend life better and beautifully. The perspective he uses is always positive and that’s what makes a difference in long run. Here are the few chosen words from his different books…


Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Paulo Coelho

Indeed you are complete within

Indeed you are complete within. Seeking value through others is a disgrace to your being, for you are a complete package within. Even if a complete package is placed at someone’s door, they will still be ungrateful and find flaws in it. Do not wait to be placed at someone’s door for approvals and be…

Slipping into the unknown

There will come a time in your span of living when mere announcing your choices and decisions won’t matter to any one. The time will be like a sharp knife against your throat, you feel the death so near yet you are unable to make any movement to run away. Though your choices you make…