Just a thought though

A time is determined to come in one’s life when one finds God. And if not this time comes, God comes only to be found by one. It is a process through which one is predestined to get polished. Either you find God or God finds you and gets found inturn. Ultimately anything and everything…

Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A gogyohka I trust your intentions completely; sharing my private thoughts with you has only ever led to unnecessary hurt never anything remotely positive I’ll take the road unpaved Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A little Sunday thought

A subtle yet a deep, light yet weighs a tonne, a hope that never dies but comes not even to reality Faith in hope and fear in failure, duo that never leave one another, has got everything out of me

Sky Circles- Rumi says

The way of love is not a subtle argument The door there is devastation Birds make great sky circles of there freedom  How do they learn that? They fall, and falling they are given wings 

Astonishes it me

How powerless Helpless You are, even if you disagree Mere uttering words Do not make you courageous Having to set foot forward In storm Where you fear and tremble. Is an act of courage A step ahead might take You hundreds ahead Yet that doubt of sand’s size Shakes you to the core Powerful enough…

Let’s answer ourselves!

What have you done for yourself and when was it last time you did it. I was giving it a thought and wondering what I did for myself, something just for myself..I feel sorry but there seems no memory of such happenings. Not atleast in immediate times. Poor self!

One foot ahead of other

I have been hitting bottom of my emotions couple of times in a day and I tell you, I pat myself and inject into my veins the hopes and faith that have lead me this far. Instead of giving up,I choose to stand firm in my belief and hence faith and choose to hope immensely…

When powerless and uncertain

Sometimes moment feels like forever, that ache in the midst of your chest seems have built a palace of its own, intending to stay for rest of the life. Turning restless on your so cosy bed, unknown tomorrow fills your eyes with fear of despair and longings. Chaos in your head has turned everything upside…

A reminder though!

Be your own hero darlingStop being a victim each dayAnd don’t seek to be rescuedUntil you are there for youNo one is gonna smack you downYou are the hero you seekBe there for yourself,If you are not,who else would be