Woven through hopes

I see world woven through hopes; faith, a hanger to all. What connects us, love, has taken back seat. Yet we glorify it, but never choose to imbibe the essence it offers

Dear me, rewind.

Dear Me, Let us have a cup of coffee today. Yes, I know it now brings anxiety to you but for this day, let’s have it and will see if anxiety takes other route today. May be, for old times sake, coffee will again do the magic. Second think that I will suggest you is…

Universe,it is time

To none it may belong now. Shall no one be aware of it, may be. But what has been witnessed by universe itself. Shall never be forsaken and forgotten. Here everyone stands talls on their claims. So shall I. Let us see what universe beholdsFor them and for me

Rumi said

Knock, And He’ll open the doorVanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sunFall, And He’ll raise you to the heavensBecome nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything. Rumi

Just in far places

In far places, I feel a tendernessAnd a warmth all aroundThat memory lane of thyBlooming with everything thatOnce took me to heightsOnly do I crave your welcomeLonging for the peace You seeped in me long agoA second it takes imaginationOf mine to bring down the castleFor now I know the feelingYou make me to imbibeWhen…

Acknowledging myself

For all my life I have been an introvert. I don’t know why but I was least interested in public interactions, my inclination was always towards Writing. It started all with maintaining a proper diary and entering the day to day happenings in it. I never acknowledged it to anyone except few of my friends…

Promise Fulfilled 🍀

The fall which over took once over everything, took leaves from trees and rot every fruit that was yet intact, has been overtaken now. That fruit, rotten, carried a seed which that fall did not notice. And it is the same seed that has over taken and come out of it’s shell to bring spring….

Few picks from Paulo Coelho’s

I have been reading Paulo Coelho for some time and I find in his books the wisdom and philosophy that perhaps makes one to comprehend life better and beautifully. The perspective he uses is always positive and that’s what makes a difference in long run. Here are the few chosen words from his different books…

Who wins is you

I have seen demons in others in human form. How they envy and how jealously consumes their pure souls. This is not something you aren’t aware of. What takes me beyond the circle of life is when I find the demons in me..in same humane form. I see myself nothing like what I believed about…