Winning hearts

Winning hearts should be preferred than winning arguments. The least one could do is to protect oneself from breaking someone’s heart, if not winning it. After all proving yourself correct can never be a rejoicing thing when you could hear the hearts shattering. The worst side of this process could be that one does not…

Keep going

I want to keep going and conquer the consequences, own the life and rise above the fears and doubts 🌺. The dots of my life should ultimately present a cherishing connection, a worthy to follow path.

Becoming You

To err is human and with that you can understand you are meant to make mistakes. But those mistakes will lead you to your destination. Make mistakes but correct them as well. Being afraid of making decisions because you always end up making wrong ones will not reveal to you your true self and in…

Rise gracefully

Not everyone will love you and like you. There are people waiting for your fall and there will come time when you might fall. Because it’s the ride of life, where fall is necessary to make one rise higher and pay gratitude for the ups one was served. Do not let that hinder your rise….

You are everything you need!

You are everything you need and the fact is I tell u.. you are the miracle that you have been actually waiting for🌼

Just curious

How does one start with positivity when everything seems so dark? How is it supposed to begin, when it is harder to breathe even in abundance of air. I know there must be way because all things in nature have indicated me to that. To find that way, where am I supposed to begin from?…