One foot ahead of other

I have been hitting bottom of my emotions couple of times in a day and I tell you, I pat myself and inject into my veins the hopes and faith that have lead me this far. Instead of giving up,I choose to stand firm in my belief and hence faith and choose to hope immensely…

Breath and Listen 🌼

Nothing is as incredible as breathing into the existence. All that is around makes you uncomfortable but what is inside you must have different impact on you. You are breathing and that is the most beautiful truth of your presence. Everything that is making you uneasy will settle and fall in right place for every…

Note to self

You can do wonders darling. You can be and still bring colours to life.You are a free spirit dear, ready to take on and unveil fortunes

Faith needs you

There are days when you don’t need to find faith but it finds you, stumbles upon you and saves your day from anxiety. And then there are days when head bones ache with every thought that visits head. The faith seems some remote and unacheivable entity. Like the mirage in desert, you walk to the…


And like that you are center of happiness and prosperity, growing in all directions imperfectly but completely. Believe your central powers and give them space to thrive. Let them do wonders.

You bloom in cycles

You bloom onceAnd you shed in autumnThat is not a failureWhat your power wasYou chose that wiselyAnd on timeIt was the spring that bloomedAnd autumn had to undoOnly to prepare youFor the next seasonDo not despair andDo not hate autumnFor it has served it’s purposeAnd to bring blossoms in youAgain, the spring willKnock againAll that…


Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Paulo Coelho