A reminder though!

Be your own hero darlingStop being a victim each dayAnd don’t seek to be rescuedUntil you are there for youNo one is gonna smack you downYou are the hero you seekBe there for yourself,If you are not,who else would be

Best version of being

Ten she was, when some naughty stuff had provoked her father. “Sorry father”, she spoke timidly, looking for the forgiveness in his eyes. “I hate this girl, I hate her very much”, father tells her mother. Engraved for lifetime, those words marked her course of life. She felt them, piercing her heart and she stands…

You carry it all

When you have You by your side, all that matters is your will to move forward and succeed. Nothing is going to smash you unless you are willing to surrender. Want to make a difference?? Be you and trust your strength and power. I know you don’t see it in yourself but it is the…

Draw the line🚷

Setting up a boundary around oneself is what most of us never pay attention to. A pride that we carry inside tells us we don’t need the boundary as we are free and people around are beautiful inside out, they won’t hurt us anyhow. Our illusion comes under threat once someone enters our comfort zone…

Keep going

I want to keep going and conquer the consequences, own the life and rise above the fears and doubts 🌺. The dots of my life should ultimately present a cherishing connection, a worthy to follow path.

You are everything you need!

You are everything you need and the fact is I tell u.. you are the miracle that you have been actually waiting for🌼