And like that you are center of happiness and prosperity, growing in all directions imperfectly but completely. Believe your central powers and give them space to thrive. Let them do wonders.

A strong ‘May be’

And may be that is the hardest truth and fully known to everyone yet veiled and curtained properly just to miss it and chase everything else

Outer limits

Explore outer limits, watch for the opportunities instead of aching head bones with the pressure of thoughts of what could possibly go wrong.


In the realms of possibilityI see myself in the greener hopesWith a vision of life and beyondClear like crystalA walk away, I see myselfSufficient and self dependentWith all barriers broken andThat chin up and full of vigourCapabilities defining meBeyond I could imagineHandling and balancing betweenGreats and worstsRising higher and higher withGrace dignity and loveYes yes…

Indeed you are complete within

Indeed you are complete within. Seeking value through others is a disgrace to your being, for you are a complete package within. Even if a complete package is placed at someone’s door, they will still be ungrateful and find flaws in it. Do not wait to be placed at someone’s door for approvals and be…