Sky Circles- Rumi says

The way of love is not a subtle argument The door there is devastation Birds make great sky circles of there freedom  How do they learn that? They fall, and falling they are given wings 


I can see the difference in person in mirror and things have changed far more than your expectations. For the sake of old times, I have stopped looking into my eyes, for they scream with agony and confess there pain. I can see how that glistening whites have completely changed to shadows of loneliness. They…

Astonishes it me

How powerless Helpless You are, even if you disagree Mere uttering words Do not make you courageous Having to set foot forward In storm Where you fear and tremble. Is an act of courage A step ahead might take You hundreds ahead Yet that doubt of sand’s size Shakes you to the core Powerful enough…

A pic a day ²⁰

As if everything is calling me to its beauty and imbibe every detail they put to show🌼

Since storm has entered

Though Storm has entered into me and now that I am dealing with both the storms, one outside and one inside me, I see moments where faith tells me everything has been granted and I get glimpse of moments where doubt rocks. Since I am unaware of the next moment, I am in a path…

Expectation and Dependency

I believe expectation and dependency are two of the main causes of unhappiness. Think about it; if you’re dependent on somebody, your life can be a heap of crappiness. If you earn your own living, there’s no need for obligations and thanksgiving. If you have your own accommodation, you are in a very good situation….

Just met few Demons

Wondering all through your life, you cherish your own being. Nothing rejoices you more than you. Faults never reflect in that mirror where you adore yourself the most. Having come across the people of different genre, you assume yourself to be the best version of human race. Being the person of same category, one must…