Bigger picture

I have never been here and being here seems bliss. I have recently met a beautiful attribute of humans, and it is hope. Such a shallow word but a deeper understanding establishs a wider picture. Lovely isn’t it when you realise the bigger picture. I have tamed this hope or it may have tamed me…

Little human in me

I am little humanYou have bestowed with the bestNothing less and everything moreThan what might one expectI urge to witness miracleAt every passing disasterAnd yet you marvelouslyTriumph me in rather unimaginableI wonder what a mess I amAnd then wonder What you have given must have aReason of its beingHere I am waiting to getEverything unveiledEagerly…

Chosen one

I am leading, wondering where I would end up. A simple hello might make someone a partner, lifelong. A step now might create a world of new choices, leaving behind path that millions may envy upon to tread. Darling, get going, for non has power to lead unless they are warriors and none is warrior…

Dear Heart❤️

In the midst of chaos, dearYou are the faithAt the center of happiness,You are my gratitudeAmid all the commotion,You are the peaceBeyond the horizons in sky,You are only hopeAfter the fall of darkest hour,You are sunriseWhile it rains heaviest when,You are the rainbowFar beyond all the expectationsWhen I fail,You are the new helloIn the group…

Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A gogyohka I trust your intentions completely; sharing my private thoughts with you has only ever led to unnecessary hurt never anything remotely positive I’ll take the road unpaved Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A little Sunday thought

A subtle yet a deep, light yet weighs a tonne, a hope that never dies but comes not even to reality Faith in hope and fear in failure, duo that never leave one another, has got everything out of me

Universe,it is time

To none it may belong now. Shall no one be aware of it, may be. But what has been witnessed by universe itself. Shall never be forsaken and forgotten. Here everyone stands talls on their claims. So shall I. Let us see what universe beholdsFor them and for me

Sky Circles- Rumi says

The way of love is not a subtle argument The door there is devastation Birds make great sky circles of there freedom  How do they learn that? They fall, and falling they are given wings