A little Tuesday realisation 💕

I seeHow humans get tiredTired of being toldEverything you feelAnd you wantA repetitive thoughtSpoken to anyWeighs like rock on headTo themAnd here I realiseHow constantly I have beenCrying in my headTo Lord of worldsTalking repeatedly same contentOver and overAnd surely without any pauseIs there any possibility?Lord saying” Arghhh” to my Every thought that I speakTo…


Do you watch the light outside your windows at the prime noon, and wonder if same light exhibits itself everywhere with same aura and charm? In the old photographs of my parents or grandparents, I think of those photons falling on the humans in pictures and wonder if they had same feel and charm that…

A pic a day ²⁷

Whatever you put your energy into definitely grows. Be mindful of that.

Pit of Coward

You know what is it with cowards? They are roaming in the spiral network of their own prejudice, making them fall again and again in the pit they never want to fall into. So much they try to stay away from the occurrence of the event, the more they are magnetically dragged into the pit….


How often do you introspect within and find flaws there. I shall call it your beauty if you find any and I take pity in you you find none

You carry it all

When you have You by your side, all that matters is your will to move forward and succeed. Nothing is going to smash you unless you are willing to surrender. Want to make a difference?? Be you and trust your strength and power. I know you don’t see it in yourself but it is the…

A thought though

To honour everyone and love unconditionally, I must first honour myself, my flaws and my existence. I must love myself unconditionally, beyond all the flaws, I must have a vision for myself. To be at a certain level, I must forgive myself for all that did not end well, and look forward to the levels…

Irritating surprises

May be it’s because that I hate surprises, universe is taking long to manifest my longings. Somehow polishing my patience and wanting me to surrender to it so that surprises no longer irritate me, and may be I become overwhelmed and eager for the next surprise to deliver it’s curiosity to me beautifully and gracefully….