Pat on you

This is to you who is distressed and are looking for a hope, please take this sign of the hope you are in search of. Yes, that little spot in your soul has a hope on it, believe it. I assure you this little faith is savior and has purpose for it’s being in you. Do…

Just a thought though

A time is determined to come in one’s life when one finds God. And if not this time comes, God comes only to be found by one. It is a process through which one is predestined to get polished. Either you find God or God finds you and gets found inturn. Ultimately anything and everything…

Chosen one

I am leading, wondering where I would end up. A simple hello might make someone a partner, lifelong. A step now might create a world of new choices, leaving behind path that millions may envy upon to tread. Darling, get going, for non has power to lead unless they are warriors and none is warrior…

A spark

A spark that never faded the intensity, burnt the hopelessness and adhered the faith at spots of unfolded crevices. Had it not lit up at moment of it’s essence, What has been achieved and is yet to be, will never have found it’s authenticity. To paint a bigger picture, there is somewhere inside you a…

A little Sunday thought

A subtle yet a deep, light yet weighs a tonne, a hope that never dies but comes not even to reality Faith in hope and fear in failure, duo that never leave one another, has got everything out of me

Since storm has entered

Though Storm has entered into me and now that I am dealing with both the storms, one outside and one inside me, I see moments where faith tells me everything has been granted and I get glimpse of moments where doubt rocks. Since I am unaware of the next moment, I am in a path…

Let’s answer ourselves!

What have you done for yourself and when was it last time you did it. I was giving it a thought and wondering what I did for myself, something just for myself..I feel sorry but there seems no memory of such happenings. Not atleast in immediate times. Poor self!

Moment of courage

It seems like you have been waiting for ages for something that could have achieved in a moment of courage

A reminder though!

Be your own hero darlingStop being a victim each dayAnd don’t seek to be rescuedUntil you are there for youNo one is gonna smack you downYou are the hero you seekBe there for yourself,If you are not,who else would be