Rise gracefully

Not everyone will love you and like you. There are people waiting for your fall and there will come time when you might fall. Because it’s the ride of life, where fall is necessary to make one rise higher and pay gratitude for the ups one was served. Do not let that hinder your rise….


Golden Entrance “Always have a successful exit than a favourable entrance. Because, what matters is not being clapped when we arrive, but being remembered when we leave” Unknown   Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏 You can check my other posts HERE   Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved This post is part of Jude’s Life in…

Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A gogyohka I trust your intentions completely; sharing my private thoughts with you has only ever led to unnecessary hurt never anything remotely positive I’ll take the road unpaved Unpaved, or: Good intentions

Pillars of Self Confidence

Confidence. It’s one of those things we often envy in others, wondering how they so effortlessly present themselves to the world. Maybe you’re one of those people who comes across as really confident but is filled with self-doubt underneath. Or, perhaps you used to be really confident until so-and-so or such-and-such robbed you of your…

Expectation and Dependency

I believe expectation and dependency are two of the main causes of unhappiness. Think about it; if you’re dependent on somebody, your life can be a heap of crappiness. If you earn your own living, there’s no need for obligations and thanksgiving. If you have your own accommodation, you are in a very good situation….

Just met few Demons

Wondering all through your life, you cherish your own being. Nothing rejoices you more than you. Faults never reflect in that mirror where you adore yourself the most. Having come across the people of different genre, you assume yourself to be the best version of human race. Being the person of same category, one must…

Oh my darling ~

Ah, my darling, when over the purple horizon shall loom The shrouded mother of a new idea, men hide their faces, Cry out and fend her off, as she seeks her procreant groom, Wounding themselves against her, denying her fecund embraces. ~ @bestofnatureblog Oh my darling ~