Outer limits

Explore outer limits, watch for the opportunities instead of aching head bones with the pressure of thoughts of what could possibly go wrong.

Power of doubt

Enough power will you find in a grain of sand that keeps you doubting the powers of Divine. Pay attention to it and compassionately take it in your favour, lest it shall become a rock, heavy enough to crush your soul

Indeed you are complete within

Indeed you are complete within. Seeking value through others is a disgrace to your being, for you are a complete package within. Even if a complete package is placed at someone’s door, they will still be ungrateful and find flaws in it. Do not wait to be placed at someone’s door for approvals and be…

Draw the line🚷

Setting up a boundary around oneself is what most of us never pay attention to. A pride that we carry inside tells us we don’t need the boundary as we are free and people around are beautiful inside out, they won’t hurt us anyhow. Our illusion comes under threat once someone enters our comfort zone…

Keep going

I want to keep going and conquer the consequences, own the life and rise above the fears and doubts 🌺. The dots of my life should ultimately present a cherishing connection, a worthy to follow path.