To my Self 🌼

From being mere a lump of tissue to this giant size, you always came up with a solution to move to the next level. Ahead you went, growing and honouring your existence directly or indirectly. The more your idea of life grows, the bigger the universe will throw a tantrum on you. Do not get…

Irritating surprises

May be it’s because that I hate surprises, universe is taking long to manifest my longings. Somehow polishing my patience and wanting me to surrender to it so that surprises no longer irritate me, and may be I become overwhelmed and eager for the next surprise to deliver it’s curiosity to me beautifully and gracefully….

Outer limits

Explore outer limits, watch for the opportunities instead of aching head bones with the pressure of thoughts of what could possibly go wrong. Outer limits

Pit of coward

You know what is it with cowards? They are roaming in the spiral network of their own prejudice, making them fall again and again in the pit they never want to fall into. So much they try to stay away from the occurrence of the event, the more they are magnetically dragged into the pit….

Contaminated faith

Brick by brick we take down the wall of belief, unintentionally though, contaminating our purity of faith. Perhaps it’s humane to fall out of faith, to perform beyond boundaries, then to awaken our guilt and absorb the consequences ultimately. Though everything has been predestined yet we are responsible for the happenings and waiting to be…


In the realms of possibilityI see myself in the greener hopesWith a vision of life and beyondClear like crystalA walk away, I see myselfSufficient and self dependentWith all barriers broken andThat chin up and full of vigourCapabilities defining meBeyond I could imagineHandling and balancing betweenGreats and worstsRising higher and higher withGrace dignity and loveYes yes…

My dearest Soul

I have watched you grow from mere shadow to an individual of a magestic persona. With all the desires of the longing, you tracked path to new being where you stay tall from rest and yet grounded. I have been watching you since the start. A conflict, that never rested inside you was put aside…