Do you watch the light outside your windows at the prime noon, and wonder if same light exhibits itself everywhere with same aura and charm? In the old photographs of my parents or grandparents, I think of those photons falling on the humans in pictures and wonder if they had same feel and charm that I receive now, in this moment. In those pictures, i believed in my childhood, was a different light with a vintage swag and had a sense of antique values. Over the time, the light seems have changed to something new but the vintage vibes lacks in it. Beleive me, I am imbibing every photon falling on me yet I long for those photons my elders have received back in those photos. Those lights were absorbed and have a great part in witnessing life before and aging of every person I see in those pictures. It seems a miracle my elders have lived. What if there are chances of the same light falling on us despite knowing the lights falls once and gets absorbed or used some way over earth!!