Pit of Coward


You know what is it with cowards? They are roaming in the spiral network of their own prejudice, making them fall again and again in the pit they never want to fall into. So much they try to stay away from the occurrence of the event, the more they are magnetically dragged into the pit. They keep looking for the options to bypass the pit and reach the other side of their desires. They never think of facing the pit and measure the run that could give them enough momentum to face and jump over that pit of hindrances. Our minds are tricky, either you trick it or it will trick you. A warrior tricks his mind and makes it assume that the problem is mere a polisher of confidence, and he makes his head believe that he can overcome whatever lies ahead in just a jump, and even if he fails, he will rise again and cross the pit. And when you go to the coward, you will find that his mind has tricked him. His mind makes him believe that the pit is deeper than he thinks and if he, by any chance, is assuming to cross it, he will surely fall in the pit. His minds further tells him that crossing the pit is beyond his capabilities and in worst scenario, he will fall into it and will never make it out of the pit again.

Originally posted on Jan 5, 2021.