My dearest Soul

I have watched you grow from mere shadow to an individual of a magestic persona. With all the desires of the longing, you tracked path to new being where you stay tall from rest and yet grounded. I have been watching you since the start. A conflict, that never rested inside you was put aside by you just to let me move forward with faith and not to have any attribute inflicted in me that would contaminate my character. A battle always kept beating high in you midst all that went yet you nurtured me in gracious way. Tossed in fragility, yet you strengthened my belief through the storm. Immense love I find in me for you for you have loved me unconditionally through everything and anything. Through every disaster and beauty, you have engraved for me lessons that none could have served me with. I pay gratitude, for you have shown me a path through every darkness and the paved a way in whirlpools. Your voice always comes to my rescue even before I call out for you. Thanks for being and being with me.