Dear me, rewind.

Dear Me,
Let us have a cup of coffee today. Yes, I know it now brings anxiety to you but for this day, let’s have it and will see if anxiety takes other route today. May be, for old times sake, coffee will again do the magic. Second think that I will suggest you is ditch that journaling app on you smartphone, let’s take that pen and paper today, once again. You remember that smell of paper, I can already sense it. After we are done with coffe and the writing, just take look from your window to outer world, leave thebphone resting on the nightstand for a while and keep clicking the nature photos though off your mind for this period. You remember once in old times, you would sit on back door steps just to imbibe the greenery and it’s serene pleasure. Let’s do it today again. I know that world has changed too, the trees have been cut down and the construction has been all around for a while, but let’s imbibe whatever has been left with nature. Let’s admire the beauty it has like once you did. Calm and peace it would bring you. Leave everything that has tied you and has occupied your mind, live once you did.