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I have never been here and being here seems bliss. I have recently met a beautiful attribute of humans, and it is hope. Such a shallow word but a deeper understanding establishs a wider picture. Lovely isn’t it when you realise the bigger picture. I have tamed this hope or it may have tamed me but I realise, I have been hanging for quite a long by it’s thread. It’s roots have a deeper understanding and values, a sense of fear along but it is the feature of it’s existence that it carries with itself fear and belief equally. So once you get stuck in between the fear and the belief, rest assured, you are not hopeless. And to not to be hopeless is a highest end of the belief which is most underrated attribute of human fragility. Once you are set on the road to find your place and identify yourself, you will require to meet the fears and the faith in you. These will get along and a sense of hope will burn in you and you will understand what you have been longing for.

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