Just a thought though


A time is determined to come in one’s life when one finds God. And if not this time comes, God comes only to be found by one. It is a process through which one is predestined to get polished. Either you find God or God finds you and gets found inturn. Ultimately anything and everything is between you and God. The perspective glasses you put on reveals the story. When you leave things to God without any grain’s size doubt, God is already found by you and God says “be” to everything you ask for. And when the grain, in otherwise story, enters the heart, God is determined to make you rely on Him. He will roll that grain like you roll a ball of snow over the snow. The ball gets bigger and more until it becomes heavy to move it any further. In the scenario of snow, you make the snow man out of the rolled trouble and in case of the grain, you return to God and seize to make decisions till you leave rest everything in God’s hands. You come long way walking only to find the God. The underlying story is you are meant to find God in one way or other.