Astonishes it me

How powerless Helpless You are, even if you disagree Mere uttering words Do not make you courageous Having to set foot forward In storm Where you fear and tremble. Is an act of courage A step ahead might take You hundreds ahead Yet that doubt of sand’s size Shakes you to the core Powerful enough is it To destroy the mountain Of the confidence That you have been building Over years of transformation Taking all your time and sweat Still you shiver even After years of hardwork Astonishes it me How powerful doubt is Yet it is doubt How it changes game Stains your faith and Takes you down even when You have out everything in faith


  1. myfanwy80 says:

    Great share there’s power in facing our fears to overcome and bravery in facing them also so we can grow to lead to self actualisation this piece reminds me of this journey that we all face in our own way to transform thank you so much xx☺️

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    1. Urfa says:

      Thank you indeed. Your words mean a lot and you could relate to this piece has given me a good indication 😁🌼

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