Sun & cloud 🌼


A day has started for me, in a mood seems it is. Though my head is spinning and ache in it makes me wish to go back to bed but there is a thing in air. It tells me all that was has changed to all that I wanted. Clouds and a little sunshine working hand in hand today has given me a glimpse of life. One may subside other but none is illusion and both have existence and identity. On days one is dominant over other and on thers, the same one is missing from sky for ages. That does not make them gone for ever. They come and play part but are always around. I have changed my mind and I promise to live myself more than anything not because I need to but because I can not disrespect my existence by merely loving everyone else but not me. It is not true that I didn’t love myself this far but I was just at the end of list of preferences and priorities. May be I am reversing the list. And look it seems sun agrees and it is just shinning even brighter, dominating over the cloud. I am accepting the fact that postives and negatives are part of my life and they will be there always.