One foot ahead of other


I have been hitting bottom of my emotions couple of times in a day and I tell you, I pat myself and inject into my veins the hopes and faith that have lead me this far. Instead of giving up,I choose to stand firm in my belief and hence faith and choose to hope immensely so that every ounce of my existence can witness the power and significance of it once I cross the river. I want to help myself to understand that in the part of river where water is more dense and deeper, putting one foot ahead of other makes us victorious and ahead of all. It is this faith and hope which make our journey worth remembering and put all our dreams in touch of reality. Though there are moments when I struggle to breath and heaviness overtakes, I want myself to imbibe the greatness of life and move forward untill the breathing becomes blessing. Howsoever my negatives dominate, I will keep windows open and crevices in sight so that a bit of light and positivity if happens to be near, I can identify and grab them. Often I realise I am my biggest support and even bigger enemy but duality is in nature of every particles, isn’t?