So much we have been tangled, in our own web creation
A new side of life we completely miss.
The man earning millions does not have anyone to spend over
And the man having a bunch by his side,
Does not make the ends to meet.
Everyone falls short of some things, some family and
Some money, none’s life is pure gold.
We create scenarios, hardly coming our way,
Distressing out for the solutions, problems not at first place even.
Every times, going to bed makes us realise we can do better,
Tomorrow a new start will begin our resolutions.
Same alarm and forgotten the bed time promises shatter
The hopes and again we start finding every other’s life worthy,
Not knowing how we have made it through this much.
Fighting million sperms was green success signal
Step up, you can crawl even but move, move forward.
Dream and make sure they are not meant to be broken,
Prove wrong everyone who talks about broken dreams.
Give life to your dream and make worthy its existence