Begin – Rumi

This is now. Now is. Don’t postponeTill then. Spend the spark of ironOn stone. Sit at the head of the table.Dip your spoon in the bowl. Seat yourselfNext to your joy and have your awakened soulPour wine. Branches in the spring wind,Easy dance of jasmine and cypress. ClothFor green robes has been cut from pureAbsence….

Bad Effects Of Kindness

You think you are kind enough, wait till people ask you to rip off your kidney for a donation and as the Prime Minister Of Kindness, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Good Luck On Your Surgery. Bon Voyage! Bad Effects Of Kindness

‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says

If you can spare 7-10 minutes of your time, read this Commencement speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford in 2005. It changed my life, maybe it inspires yours too! Source : Stanford News | Disclaimer : I do not own this article. I am simply publishing it here.| I am honored to be with you…

I had my eyes closed|چشمانم بسته بود

“186th story” Peter was invited to his friend’s wedding. It was a great ceremony and Peter was having fun. While he was dancing, he noticed one of the guests is his high school teacher. Peter went closer to Mr. Hunt and said: “Good evening, sir.” Mr. Hunt said: “Good evening son.”  “I’m Peter. I was…

A pat after a long day

It was just when I was about to lie down on bed after a long hectic day, somebody patted me for the attention. When I looked back I saw, with full vigour and strength, fear telling me to sit down a moment with it. I sat on the edge of the bed, it could see…

Note to self

You can do wonders darling. You can be and still bring colours to life.You are a free spirit dear, ready to take on and unveil fortunes

Acknowledging myself

For all my life I have been an introvert. I don’t know why but I was least interested in public interactions, my inclination was always towards Writing. It started all with maintaining a proper diary and entering the day to day happenings in it. I never acknowledged it to anyone except few of my friends…