Breath and Listen 🌼

Nothing is as incredible as breathing into the existence. All that is around makes you uncomfortable but what is inside you must have different impact on you. You are breathing and that is the most beautiful truth of your presence. Everything that is making you uneasy will settle and fall in right place for every thing is meant to fall eventually in place. What is most important to be worried about is what exactly lies inside you. External impulses which tend to affect us tremendously should have a least impact over us and what all lies inside us, which we hardly pay attention to, must be priority. A sound self will ultimately reflect in you outer appearance but if that what lies inside is not treated well, will disrupt every outer pattern of your existence. You will never realise what is happening exactly outside though you are putting every effort on identifying the cause. Pay attention to your inner self, it will reveal itself to you time and again. Be cautious and silent so that you can hear it. It will reveal to you all the secrets of life. Mend it tenderly and love it unbounded, see how things turn around. Be grateful for those breathes. Stop using magnifying glasses on everything. Put the focus on your inner being, beautify it and take care of it, it is your true guide basically, listen to it. Every other external talk may not be worth remembering. Be gentle to everyone but most importantly to yourself. Breath and release every external thing off.