How true!


The truth is something that each of us is holding flag for, lamenting our loyalty and bragging about it’s purity, we all do in our lifetime. Thing is that we never known which version of story are we holding on and how often do we stop and recollect the original version. A story will always have a different shades and with each shade you will find a truth hidden with one layer extra. The previous shade of truth appeals you in different way and the current one has got entirely a different aura. To your surprise you will never be able to find the actual story or truth but a multifolded story the origin of which no body knows. A person standing next to you will definitely have a story of same truth but a fold of cover might be extra and at same moment a person on another side of your’s will have a shade lighter of same story. Till the things of facts reach you, almost everyone adds a blush to it and once you receive it, it becomes nearly impossible to identify the core fact, forget holding the flag for it.