A pat after a long day

It was just when I was about to lie down on bed after a long hectic day, somebody patted me for the attention. When I looked back I saw, with full vigour and strength, fear telling me to sit down a moment with it. I sat on the edge of the bed, it could see my uneasiness but hardly that bothered it. I was trying to figure out what is the matter with it at this hour of day, trying hard to read its face and draw conclusions. I failed. It was highly energetic which is why I was more frightened. It seated itself comfortably on my bed and by it’s behaviour I could at least figure out that it was assuming with its whatever announcement it was gonna make, would make me jump with joy. And all I could feel was the churns in my stomach telling me to run away. I was making myself to appear strong and willing to face every denial and fear. Though that was not the story. I was already feeling being crushed under some weight and unable to breathe properly. The moment it threw the words on me, my vision got hazy and its appearance was getting murky. But the words were falling clear to my ears. All that I was subsiding and try to cover and making sure it never comes up, was all suddenly out of box. All the tenderness and caressing I had showered on it was washed away like rain washes away everything. The churns were making me realize that I must come to reality and suddenly I opened my eyes. “Oh dream”, I thought to myself but it had already ruined my night. The fear had opened it’s boxes and I was tossing on bed. How will I overcome everything and everyone!?? This question haunted me. Sometimes the voice inside you saves you and the same voice told me to not let fears drown you. Rest assured your matters you have put in safe hands, either yours fears will lose the fight or you will be given strength enough to face them. Everything in between will fall in place. Your fear has taken your all energy and has become powerful else whatever you fear has no power at all

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