Faith needs you


There are days when you don’t need to find faith but it finds you, stumbles upon you and saves your day from anxiety. And then there are days when head bones ache with every thought that visits head. The faith seems some remote and unacheivable entity. Like the mirage in desert, you walk to the illusion and it reappears somewhere else, you begin to walk again in order to find the entity, you get nothing.
Adorn the faith in days it finds you, cherish it, love it and serve it with purpose that it strengthens its roots in you, deep in your muscles so that on rainy days of your life, the little work out can release that faith from muscles to save you from being drenched. In those days, let it not create illusions at least. Stay where you are and be magnet to all that you seek. Every illusion that you follow will recreate itself somewhere else because it has found in you a necessity. Let that necessity be a pull to illusion and be it powerful enough that the illusion turns real and fulfills every need of your soul. Leave your head bones to rest and make a deal with your faith. Let it find you always in any situation and let it do miracles for you, for it is faith perhaps that needs you.