Promise Fulfilled πŸ€


The fall which over took once over everything, took leaves from trees and rot every fruit that was yet intact, has been overtaken now. That fruit, rotten, carried a seed which that fall did not notice. And it is the same seed that has over taken and come out of it’s shell to bring spring. The leaves which were detached had left their places behind and it is those places and marks which have allowed the spring to sprout. And for sure these will thrive into lofty summer shades and bring back life again which once was shrinking under the fall and winter.
When fall was creeping in, it carried with itself a deep silence, so many unknowns and the cold waves which did not allowed any hope to grow. Everything that had a wish to come out to the life was sabotaged with its piercing waves. Growing twigs which were thriving in hopes of becoming branches, were broken by the snow which fall invited. When now you see all those twigs have dried but there are still some which even after being broken have forwarded their outgrowths and still their hopes are intact to make themselves stronger and lofty. What is the essence of this spring is that it had hope long before it’s arrival. That hope was tamed and made to outgrow every disaster fallen. Had the seeds given up hope of thriving, no one would have witnessed the spring. The promise cradled in the womb of fall will always be fulfilled, no matter how long the fall and then winter stays. Spring will chase away every sadness that the cold of fall brings.


  1. Krista says:

    Beautiful πŸ’•πŸŒ·

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    1. Ursa says:

      Thank you 😊


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