Threatened life


It’s not when life is under threat, you lose yourself. It never is the physical pain we get and endure that takes one to other dimension of existence. It is never the unattained dreams that knock you down, nor it is the desires that were unable to fulfill that questions your essence. What threats you, what takes you to another dimension of your existence, knocks you down to dust and questions your essence is when you lose faith. Faith that you once put on your fate, faith that you put on your will to achieve unknowns and impossibles, faith to conquer your fears, faith that you put in the yourself and the Divine. The faith that keeps one going beyond all odds and faith in belief that after all the nuisance a light will follow you and find you lost and will help you. The faith in the fact that things ultimately will turn fine. Nothing breaks you more than losing yourself and not having control over your holdings and your sufferings. No doubt you will be held responsible for the events that take place and change your life somehow but it’s also reality that not everyone chooses the events and may be they choose but it’s not necessarily that they choose the occurrence by their own will. When things we can not change and somehow were forced not to change, we settle for the this thought, thinking that it was God’s will. That’s sentence that has ruined lives of millions and is still doing it. But the thing is that not all are free to choose, even if they seem to be. Some people are manufactured to be not selfish and are overly sensitive and overly concerned for the people they love that they choose events for them and thereafter they remain too silent and do not even take the credit of their sacrifices. They are of the sort that they will choose you and still be okay with the fact that you don’t know they chose you. Such sorts of beings are manipulated and gaslighted easily but thing is they actually do not get manipulated, they just accept the fact that manipulation is just a way of other person’s denial and they accept their denial in view of the fact that they love the other person and do not want them to feel the force and suppression they themselves are exposed to. Such people are humans and they too want to be cared, loved and appreciated. They too want to be chosen and sacrifice things for, they want to be understood. They too have threshold. Once that threshold crosses, they no longer feel alive. It’s not that they will stop doing things for you but they lose the best thing they have and that’s their faith in themselves and everything around. They lose that faith in happy endings which they craved for the most. Watching everyone happy is good for them, but beyond the threshold they lose faith in goodness and in the fact that they too could be happy.