Women’s day


The generation hopes to see women make it on their own, hopes to see them being treated as people with equal emotional understanding and compassion. Generation awaits for the time when empowering women is not demanded on grounds of the strength and skills which they already are well equipped with and are powerful enough. We wait for the time when women are not under threat and their security is not being questioned. We wait for the time when they are asked for suggestions and their point of view is equally valued and the time when their decisions are equally respected and honoured. We are waiting for the time when girl education and financial independence is given priority over her marriage and the time when she is asked for her opinion and choice when seeking spouse for her. We wait for time when girl child is not taken as burden. World is waiting for the time when women “No” is considered a complete answer and with an utmost respect shall the statement be taken without maximizing one’s ego . We desperately are waiting for the time when women on whole are respected for their respective individualities and their skills are not being underestimated. Their fragility would not be taken as physical weakness. Generation is waiting for the time when men and women are respected for their individual identities and when both are given equal chances to grow, thrive and breathe. And when both are given equal choices and time to be.. whatever they want to be.. irrespective of their choices and gender. However they can never be equal for their respective identities are different but their differences must be respected without symbolising one better than other and therefore creating categories, and both genders must be given equal chances to live and be and I tell you that is the kind of equality women are seeking currently.

Happy women’s day