Eventually every human realises God in himself. Whether they want to or not, they will always come to the point of life where the essence of their existence is jeopardized and they revert to their lost faith. Lost faith does not specifically indicate they don’t belong to any faith. With the flow of life, their touch with their faith gets minimised and unintentionally, with the desires of achievements, they disconnect with the God which somehow means they lose their contact with themselves. Achieving every desire and racing with every other being in an unknown race, an emptiness develops and it is the knock when God wants them to come back to him. Untill they realise the call and set themselves on that road, they go miles more in that race and coming back becomes more and more tiresome task. It is to believe by them that howsoever hard it becomes, the greater is to be going the relief and achievement ultimately. The biggest task here in this world is to find one’s own self and coming back to God is a path to one’s own soul.


  1. bach says:

    Quoted from ?

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    1. Ursa says:

      None..just experiencing things with myself and people around

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