Evening thought


When you realise no one is gonna be there for you, you find yourself always odd one out. You realise that you are never going to be the same in that group and place which once you assumed held your whole universe. Loneliness often knocks the door but solitude sometimes saves you. You begin to realise your worth and to do yourself a favour, you often think of the ways that could lead you to abundance of all the blessings that straight come from the God. Interventions seem miserable and crowd, misery. Massively it impacts one when nothing of one’s choice makes way into life. Though you are not ready to settle but nothing works either. And often you think of the ways out. What to do and not to do appear a monotonous thought but still nothing is done. Heavy heart and tired mind seems the ultimate fate of one’s being. Reckless thinking and self talk somewhere begin to destroy one’s worth. Fear of failure is secondary because what mostly occupies mind is fear of not doing a right thing at right time and not being couragous enough to follow heart and dreams.