Let them process


As I grow, I become sure of uncertainties and mysteries unfolding meticulously at a most appropriate time. What creates commotion inside my veins is the fear of losing myself in process. Indeed every happening unveils itself whether you force it or not, but that patience which everyone brags about seems like being crushed under a rock. Whether you are willing or not for the patience and timing, you learn to absorb theses two words and lay yourself available to these processes. Ultimate truth is that you become patient and you begin valuing time and the things along. Your amazement rises with each passing second on how you learn to be the same person but what amazes you most is how you are entirely a different version of you previous being. Surface seems surreal but volcano is boiling inside, at moments at higher temperature than others. The patience being at the work keeps your volcano from erupting and that time with its attributive feature of healing and filling up the wounds, makes temperature go low along its course. These processes grill you but mould you to better beings. Even when you are not ready for these processes, you are subjected to their coarse touch. The harder you try to skip, the deeper they scratches you. Better is to accept them as they process on you while you protect yourself from being coarsely chopped.


  1. Wonderfully expressed…

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      Thank you🌼🌼

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