Who wins is you

I have seen demons in others in human form. How they envy and how jealously consumes their pure souls. This is not something you aren’t aware of. What takes me beyond the circle of life is when I find the demons in me..in same humane form. I see myself nothing like what I believed about…

What Lives Inside… #Poetry

Image by Alexandra ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay There is a tiny devil inside my mind.Stroking my ego, telling me how clever I amHe is forgetting one thing.I have looked into the darkness.And wondered, what kind of devil lives inside his mind?Is his ego stroked into believinghe is the best…

Rumi said

Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being Rumi

Two essentials

Negativity and positivity. Let both of them enter you and play their part. Negativity will wring you so that positivity can find you ready to absorb every ounce of it

A pic a day ¹⁰

Lights in the picture is the demonstration of the hopes in our dark period. Like the rays through the crevices enter the room, these lights establish the idea that some where light is going to enter us.. keeping us to look forward to meet those spots where we will meet the rays of light. In…

Hovering thoughts

Wondering around the hovering thoughts Is my faith questioning me or me, questioning my faith A strange pinch I get in response in that lump of tissue Absolutely distraught with the facts of reality unveiling I thought I belonged to this place but alas! I don‘t

On days of low frequency

Here I amLooking at wallsBlue, they areCurtains whiteWith floral printsBurgundy and blueThese details I realiseOnly upon enquiring about themMoments laterI forget everythingWalls seem blackCurtains indistinguishableFrom walls andReality.Glass windows on two sidesStill my room is darkSomething like heavy thudTakes me back to lightTo the chirping of birdsAnd to the noise of worldElse it is darker outsideNoise,…

It comes and goes.

I just don’t understand how the world works at all. I was jobless but happy then I was working and miserable. It’s only after I got out of college that I was interested in learning. I am surrounded yet I’m alone, they sat with me, ate with me and lived with me but not once…

Rumi says

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about. Rumi

Unfavorable always

In Kashmir snow is still having its days and it won’t go any sooner. Escaping from it for a month or two is the only relief possible. Certain families go to the winter capital of the union territory for January and February and my family is one of that. In my place at home, gardening…