You carry it all


When you have You by your side, all that matters is your will to move forward and succeed.

Nothing is going to smash you unless you are willing to surrender. Want to make a difference?? Be you and trust your strength and power. I know you don’t see it in yourself but it is the divinity of Almighty that He has put everything in you and it is the innocence of some and underestimation of others that we do not believe we carry such a huge power within us. It is because that strength and power has never being visited. Make a visit today and go shake your hand with fear, look straight into its eyes and see the power erupting within you.

You carry it all. Had it not been there within you, the desires would not have been placed in your heart. Your wishes are proof that God is going to grant it to you, a little strength will do wonders. You do your part, leave rest to Him