Introspection within


As I introspect within myself, although I find some attributes remarkable but in recent times, I have met a different version of my self. This version has some negative imprints and though I shake myself at moments when I find those shades of me resurfacing but I fail to bury them. I am really astonished and startled over all the features that have been sprouting out of me in these times. it is really necessary to grab your conscience couple of times and question it’s growing branches. It becomes our duty to make us question our inner beings and throw out the weed from it. Being a human makes us worth forgiving and it is this humane thing that makes those imprints to prevail at times. It is absolutely normal thing. I totally forgive myself for housing all those shades but what I can not and what I should not forgive myself for is watering those shades to take bigger share in my conscience of my being. Once the roots are given chances to find to absorb energies around and focus them on the weed will eventually drive out kindness from my life.
Forgiving oneself and being tender towards oneself is great beauty one can have. Having shade of every colour in one’s character is absolutely harmless unless one is sharpening the features of his being which takes out compassion and tenderness from him. Identification and thereafter acceptance of one’s aspects of being makes one a better than rest. Grading oneself and working for making one’s being a home for oneself in true sense is beyond the beauty of one’s external existence. I would love to make my soul rest assured at its home(my body) with peace and love.