Power signs


God provides you hints every time.

There are times when we utterly need somebody by our side to help us take a decision. The moments of hardship it is sometimes and joy at others. The fact is that: you are constantly being observed and cared but you know least about it and so do you believe. At certain times the pain is hard to be blocked …a constant fear of losing a thing worth to be kept, tears us apart. Fidgeting constantly with the things does not provide us with a solution of the problem at hand. But because of all that fear, fidgetting and tears, our brain is less active to hints and thus decoding them. The almighty keeps watch over you. Whatever you are through is known to that power. The power you can rely upon.

The majestic power gives you signs. The signs that are meant for you to make your decisions and help you with what you are facing at the moment easily. The hints are to be observed and understood. Allah is reason for postive energies. So at any point of life, if you are going through the fear of starting over again, fear of being alone, fear of bad decision or losing something..remember it is negative energies filling you up and this can not be from the Almighty. The power may have given you or will shortly provide you with the signs of riddance of the negatives. Be sure your aura is clear to its reception and understanding.