To my Self 🌼


From being mere a lump of tissue to this giant size, you always came up with a solution to move to the next level. Ahead you went, growing and honouring your existence directly or indirectly. The more your idea of life grows, the bigger the universe will throw a tantrum on you. Do not get disheartened by it’s pressure, and it’s strength and weight of thrust. Do not take it as a disgrace nor think that your are not loved. You are most loved and respected by universe, believe that. It is the trust of the universe in you that keeps it bringing you new versions of problem. It has firm faith in you and knows that you won’t let it down. Trust it’s way of showing you the path, believe that like your mother it will take care of you and take you to safest place. It will bring colours to your life in every aspect of your longings.