Irritating surprises


May be it’s because that I hate surprises, universe is taking long to manifest my longings. Somehow polishing my patience and wanting me to surrender to it so that surprises no longer irritate me, and may be I become overwhelmed and eager for the next surprise to deliver it’s curiosity to me beautifully and gracefully.
I have observed this right from the beginning that I hate keeping wondering what will happen next and what the parcel might have inside. It is because of this attribute that when I watch any movie and if it happens to thrill me and suspense tickles me, I jump cursor straight to end of the movie so that I can kill the surprise. Once I know what is gonna happen in the end, I start over again and watch the movie calmly without curiosity. If somehow I find ending is not good for my senses, then I might think of leaving the movie aside. I know it’s weird and without curiosity no one would enjoy it, but this happens to me. Now that there are certain things taking toll over me, I am so eager to see the climax, waiting desperately to have a beautiful ending. Inshallah