Winning hearts

Winning hearts should be preferred than winning arguments. The least one could do is to protect oneself from breaking someone’s heart, if not winning it. After all proving yourself correct can never be a rejoicing thing when you could hear the hearts shattering. The worst side of this process could be that one does not know that he is breaking heart while making an argument. Of course the sound of breaking is too loud to be heard but if got the ears truly of soul, you will listen even the prick of the needles you are inducing. Forget winning the argument and even hearts, keep your tongue blunt, that’s least you could do. The sharper you make it, the more hearts you break. You don’t even feel that the words which even feel ordinary and weightless while speaking and while searching through the thesaurus, might feel like mountains over someone’s chest. Yes absolutely sometimes winning the argument is must but only sometimes. You think you are making your way to successful claims and argument and your intentions are clean and God knows the truth. But dear, breaking someone’s heart is, may be, more hated thing in the sight of God.

May be, even winning can be made beautiful along winning hearts. More a lighter tone and some tender words can do a magic. May be, you might win battles that way.


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