When will you honour this time??

In the waiting hours for our better times, we are losing our precious gift, the time. We always keep eyes on that remote goal and desire, and in search of those happy times, we actually miss honouring our present time. Have you realised how much you are eager to honour your distant dream and how much you are trying to make way for that dream? Do you have any idea how hard you have been trying to reach there and honour your strength and dedication? But to honour your this prevailing era which would take least efforts, you sideline it merely for that distant one the idea of which is yet faint and the promise of which is never made. When are you going to pay attention and be fully present here? This “current whatever” belongs to you and none is gonna take it and you are absolutely sure of this time. Whatever is there for you in that distant one will come to you running, and preparing for it and working hard for it is a genuine thing. Do it and make every effort that is possible for you to make that dream happen but make an effort to honour your this time that is giving itself to you and helping you to realise your dream and hardwork. In return you have to be just present now, in this moment and recognise its importance and worth. Just be! No worries and Obsessions, no dreams and anxieties. While looking at a thing, just think about it instead of reaching to somewhere else while looking at a thing of very remote resemblance.


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  2. Beautiful wise words

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    1. Ursa says:

      You are kind. Thank you


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    Beautiful wise words by Ursa ❤

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