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Picture credits go to the friend of mine who is not a member of wordpress

Nature has been a source of happiness and inspiration for all of us. Calm and soothing capabilities have sidelined the technology yet humans run after the latter. Perhaps a day will come when everything will be a technology driven, which seems quite a possible case in near future, we will plant a tree and every one will come running to it, finding it the discovery of the moment. A plant will be eyed with an astonishment and surprise, like right now we overlook nature and find ourselves amused by the new cellphone or new processors. A day is not far, when scenario will be quite upside down. We will be submerged in the tech and piece of plant will be harder to find. Well I am already picturing it💔. Before picture really changes, let take a step to atleast postpone it, if not cancelling it.

Let’s do our part and save something to the generations coming. We are being so selfish that we are depriving the next gens from the nature and it’s resources. No doubt they will find the substitutes but what they are gonna miss is really pinching me. For a second lets forget about them too, do you really think you are doing justice to the earth. Just being a consumer, we are perhaps asked for a little return. Let’s stop wasting. Let’s stop taking and not returning even one percent of it. Next spring let’s plant few before cutting them. This is least we could do. Let’s pay a little gratitude to nature and be kinder to it.


  1. Words to live by. Thanks, Ursa

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    1. Ursa says:

      Thank you indeed

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    2. katelon says:

      Great point. Nature has always been my sanctuary. Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it!

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  2. Let’s stop taking and not returning even one percent of it.


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  3. Where are these pictures taken? Reminds me a lot of my second home in nepal.

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    1. Ursa says:

      These are taken in Kashmir, India.


      1. Ha – not a bad guess then! 🙂 🗻

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