Indeed you are complete within

Indeed you are complete within. Seeking value through others is a disgrace to your being, for you are a complete package within. Even if a complete package is placed at someone’s door, they will still be ungrateful and find flaws in it. Do not wait to be placed at someone’s door for approvals and be disgraced. Value yourself and seek yourself before questing for the outer universe.


  1. MousumiSays says:

    Absolutely right Ursa. However hard one may try to do something to appease somebody, invariably he or she would find fault in it…. Its futile,so one must do something to satisfy his or her own soul.

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    1. Ursa says:

      Yes absolutely. Once we find ourselves, everything comes back to us running or we may not really need Everyone we are trying hard to appease. In either case we win.

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