Your Words

Have you seen that paper, which when placed near the fire blackens and burns with the fine line of red fire indicating it’s pace of burning and constantly going up? Yes that rim of spark rising exponentially… Well that’s how my heart is burning constantly. Do not misjudge me, I don’t play with fire, I never have and trust me I have always tried and tried my best to not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I have always been a person who feels more and have always felt the pain for others. Well I can not say I am the best one. This is just an aspect of my existence, may be in other dimensions of my presence, I might have hurt someone but I have been a person who intentionally would never hurt anyone. But today my heart is like on some low flame, burning gradually and tenderly. The smoke is blinding me and my head. I see no ray of light, lest alone the way out.

I don’t wanna sound like your mother but a thing is there I want to tell you. Watching my soul like trampled over, I know the reasons and this is because of that little examination I am telling you, choose your words wisely, please. You really never know how someone is trying hard to get up each day to make way for himself, how they are fighting intrinsic battles, which I tell you are harder that any battle of this physical world. Please don’t carry that bags of nails and hammer, ready to be driven on anybody’s soul. It might be that you are a winning the argument but smashing someone in the dust is not a sign of a winner. Be humble. Be kind. Let someone have that hope of rising again, give them space to dream. Your words can take someone to the brink of suicidal thoughts and may be, to the step further. Your utterance might take away their confidence, which I think is oxygen to one’s worldly being. Taking their spirit away is not less than killing them coldly. You want to win na? Believe me you can win battles better with your wise words. Life is beyond disgracing someone.

When you are fighting with someone who is your dear one, be even more careful. Your words can change their perspective of life and kill their soul. Sometimes wise words and a ray of belief in them can do wonders in their lives. A pat is enough for them. You seek God’s mercy, first show some to people around you. They deserve it and even if they don’t, it might lead you to receive that mercy and grace in abundance thereafter. They are seeking, not the trophy, but a shoulder they can rest on and someone who can say to them “yes you can do it”. Their battles need equally bravery and they have not yet given up, indicates they are not losers too. Mere your words are weighing mountains on their souls and they are little lost, having lost the spirit and energy but your words can bring them back to the open air and to their being.


  1. Anonymous says:

    In times, we do feel like that you have been chained up by your close ones and the only easy option is to end all the sufferings. Loved your post.

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    1. Ursa says:

      Shukriya ☺️


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