Two brothers in town


Two brothers lived once in a town. One day the other brother told his elder one to give him his share of the property so that he would leave to other place. He said to him that the family is expanding and it’s better if we make it separately now on, so that we do not get into the conflict later on. Elder brother agreed and was happy with his brother’s intention of not falling into the fight ever. Peacefully the share was given to him and he went to the other place, a little far from the town. Frequently he visited his prior home, and as it was in the main town, he often had to get the things from the town , therefore his visits to his brother’s home now were more than regular visits.

Time passed. Elder brother who worked in main market of the town, slowly gained pace in his business. His share which was mirror image of the share his brother had taken, grew even more faster. Since he was eldest, his children got into jobs and business sooner. Eventually everything favoured him and his share got multiple fold increase. Frequently visiting brother now paid occasional visits. Never to get into the conflict visioned brother eyed his growth. Things gained pace and one day the younger one came to this brother. He brought with himself few elders from the town to make judgement and confronted his elder brother about not giving him his portion of share properly. He told the accompanying men to make a list of the properties that he owns and his brother owns, and therefore make a proper judgement against his betrayal.
When everything was seen and evaluated, the share of elder brother came out to be enormous, comparatively. He put his side of story infront of the judges but failed to gain their confidence. It was ultimately finalized that the case should be taken properly to the court and both will present their evidences, judgement will be passed. Elder brother did not want to take the family name to the court and tried everything to convince his brother. Adamant his brother, did not accept anything but a half of his share from brother’s authentically earned property. When nothing worked, elder brother, keeping the men as witnesses divided his owned property into two and gave half to his brother.

While making decision and finalizing things, elder one told his brother, “What I have done to you, May God give that to my children and what you did in return, May that comes to your children. Let world witness what I could not produce the evidence for“, and this was the statement everyone in town remembered. The town still remembers that echoing voice and recalls the judgement and without any evidence now, they make the judgement. They see the children of both the brother and they see whose children got more favoured and whose children struggle still even after taking lions share. They now understand that’s it’s not necessarily true what you are made to see.