With trials you meet yourself

We often find ourselves trapped in trials and getting out of it seems impossible. And often we find our near and dear ones telling us that the most loved one by the Divine is tested often and more. Consoling us and encouraging us through the tough times is what every friends of ours think is their duty. Thank God we are surrounded by such people and the warmth of their presence gives us strength to move forward and lead our lives. Yes absolutely our Divine tests the people He loves more often than others. In such times, remaining intact to our existence and to our faith is what actually is being tested. Patience and gratitude have been mentioned to be the source of encouragement and the path to get out of the tests. However when you introspect a little, you will realise that finding peace in chaos, patience in calamity appear as a huge task to perform while being tested. They say let storm pass but do not let it enter you. How often do you remember that while you are steamed hard. May be facing the trials is not all about goodness you have. May be it is not even about the test itself. A close look at the trials may make you understand that you are not merely being tested. It’s also that you are actually being introduced to yourself. You find all the flaws within, all the goodness within you. You reach to the bottom our you heart and your soul, and you find all the devil’s and the goods in you. Once you meet your actual self, that’s is where the test begins. The good verses bad, devil verses you. You meet so many unknowns of you in that period that you even start doubting your true self. Devil will whisper you are full of negatives, you are being punished and this punishment will never end. The good in you will say this is just the down from that famous saying ‘ups and downs are part of life’. Believe me the up is next because from here you are going to progress only, there is no further down from here. Good will continue saying, you fought well, keep believing and search for that faith which has brought to you your true self. No doubt you have bad in you, that’s how humans are created. The fact that makes you good is how you choose your self. Or we can say which self you choose to dominate you. Hate, jealousy and envy will rise in you but to keep that aside and praying to Divine to protect and guide you makes whole difference. Your Lord is always around you and making somehow you to suffer is just a part of his plan. It’s is merely to make you realise where the pores of your weakness of soul lie and how to block them. The fact is that your are in midst of chaos because you needed to know yourself and accept yourself with humans flaws. You need to choose your higher self to let your weakness not to hinder your existence and not to make you blind to your blessings. His grace will help you provided you keep asking and relying on Him.

A true version of your being will show up everytime you choose a self from your two sides of existence. Make sure you choose humanity, love and the blessings.


  1. It’s so motivational and self embracing.

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    1. Ursa says:

      Thank you so much. Its so encouraging to hear from you such words❤️


  2. Gisela says:

    Liebe Ursa, danke für den denkwürdigen Beitrag.
    Glaubst Du wirklich, es ist im Sinne Gottes, uns Menschen leiden zu lassen? Vielleicht empfinden wir das Leid als Umschwingen unserer Seele. Ein hohes Bewusstsein zu bekommen ist ein langwieriger und oft schmerzvoller Prozess.

    Herzliche Grüße

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    1. Ursa says:

      God doesn’t not love us watching suffer. Thing is that we often detach ourselves from God and push ourselves to the grave consequences unknowingly. It’s the time when God interferes and protects us from the things that would not favour us somehow we don’t understand. And we fail to see the larger picture. When God helps us finding path to Him or to goodness, we find ourselves trapped and tested. We actually do not suffer but it’s actually we are not letting God to take charge

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